Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello, dude. thanks for coming.", "This is joe mcandrew. he has something important to tell you. hello, mr. conlon.", "Hello? better call christof."
Hello. Hello? can anybody hear me? Hello, jim. harvey? Well, hello, beautiful. Hello! Hello? jim, we're in trouble. Hello? barbara, it's anna ramirez. Hello there. Hello? hi. Hello. central services? And me, i'm dick jennings... and now say hello to your favorite host and my boss... jimmy gator. Hello? Hello, lucy mcclane. this is your mother speaking. Lieutenant. hello, sir. Hello? hello? Hhello? hello? Claudla: yes, hi! hello! Hello. this is marta. Hello. good morning. Hello, martin. Hello, mr. ronald fryer. Hello. you're back again, huh? Hello, handsome. Well, hello. this is jim. And then i shot out onto rug with my eyes wide open, and you cutted the cord and said, "hello, jack." Hello, mel. Hello? come on in. Hello, sir. Hello? it's dixon. Holly mcclane. hello, holly. Hello? hold on, hold on. Say goodbye to the plastereddown look of heavy hairspray... and hello to the naturallooking Ivan, darling, it's gustave. hello. Hello, marian. any problems? no. Hello, jeffrey. Hello, jack. you remember my wife, alison? Hello? hi, it's me. Hello, i'm here. Hello. nice to meet you. Buddy? hello? You know why we're treating you like this? hello, jason. Hello, bob. Hello. how are you today? Hello? listen to me brother… he shoved the phone in my face… give it back to him. Wonderful. next time you are there, tell fidel that i said hello. Hello, danny. Josh, josh, josh, hello? Hello? come in, major burbank. Hello! anybody home? Hello. who is it? Hello, mafalda. Vinay, hello dear! hi hala! Hello? she's gonna hate me. Hello, john. Hello son. hello darling. Hello. hi. Hello and good evening. i'm your host mike michaelson, Is it loaded? hello, no. Hello, karen! Mmm. hello. Glad you could come, doctor. hello. Hello? jlm: police! open the door! Hello? dare. Yes, hello? Hello. hi. are you deadheading? Hello. girl Hello! bring me a double jack daniels on the rocks. Senator gaius. hello. Hello? hi, is george there, please? Jess? hello, my love. Yeah, kid, why don't you start with "hi" or "hello"? Okay, one more. good. hello. Say hello to mutt for me okay? will do. Hello. hi, harry. Hello. is elizabeth in? Hello, lars. Hello? better call christof. This is joe mcandrew. he has something important to tell you. hello, mr. conlon. Hello, dude. thanks for coming.