Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello honey.", "Hello, handsome.", "Hello? richard?"
I keep thinking jake might just show up and say hello. Hello? barbara, it's anna ramirez. Hello there. Well, hello, beautiful. Hello, stranger. Mimi? hello, mimi, are you there? Hello, danka. Hello, adam. Hello, forrest. Hello, forrest. hello, jenny. I wonder if... hello? Hello. what have we here? Oh, hello, max. Oh. hello. chris! Hello, tootles! Hello? it's maurizio. remember me? Hello? i admire you. Hello, sir. Hello, it's good to be here. Hello, hoyt. Hello? hello, melissa? Hello! why, dr. jones, whatever are you doing in such a nasty place? Hello, marion. Hello, michael? yes. Jess? hello, my love. Hello, bishop. do you need anything else? no. Hello, miss cuthbert. Hello, christy. hello. Mom? hello. Hello? why'd you call me? Hello? hey, lars. karin. Hello, lars. Hello, son. Hello, lucy. Hello, henry. it's been a long time. Hello, hooker. take them off. Hello, travis. Hello, betsy. Oh, hello. la quinta inn! don't mind if i do. Hello, i'm very pleased to meet you. Hello? did i wake you? Hey, hey. hello? do you know if this train goes to madison avenue? Hello? rosie? yeah? sara. yeah? Hello. hello, howard? Hello? yeah, what's up? Hello. i say, over there. "hello," i think. Hello, karen. hello yourself. Yes? hello. Yes, hello? Hello, claude. where'd you get the midget? Hello, jake. "hello. my name is john merrick." Say, "hello. Now we kill the jokes, and we just talk! "hello, how are you?" conversation. Hello, my little banana. how are ya? Oh, hello, banana. Hello, margaret. hello. Hello, nick? hello. it's working. Hello! hello! Hello? hello? Hello, mama! no, we're not doing anything. we're just eating. Hello. hi, ma. Hello, bowman. how are you there? Hello, boys. Hello. no one's talking. Hi, sally. hello, dev. won't you please come in? When you see oki, say hello. Hi. hello, miss gordon. Hello, shane mcinerney. Hello? oh, hey doug. Hi. hello. Hello, lucy mcclane. this is your mother speaking. Yeah? hello, it's vincent. Hello? yeah, hello. Hello. hey, john. Glad you could come, doctor. hello. Hello? no, no. this is a friend of hers, can i help you? Hello world! Peace! hello. Ah, barry. hello. Hello. how are you? Yes, miss? hello, wally. Hello. hello. Hello? hello, sophie. Hello? no, i... Hello? hello? can i help you? Hello? good morning, mrs. kramer. Hello. betty lambert. Hello. who's this? Well, hello, cupid. Hello, gentlemen. you are the bereaved? Hello, dude. thanks for coming. Hello, young master. Hello? the hague? Hello, hello. good. Hello? richard? Hello, handsome. Hello honey.