Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Mmm. please give me the keys. all right, look."
Mmm. now we're talking. Mmm. ¿qué pasó, amigo? mmm, mmm, mmm! She oughta be fine. mmm. Mmm. thank you both. Mmm. yeah. Mmm! how did you know her name? I'm sorry. mmm. Mmm. nice grip. Mmm. you'll be my little mamacita in no time. Mmm. hello. Mmm. "yamanashi". This dumb tree, he is my friend. mmm. Who's chris? mmm chris. Mmm. no, no, no, missus walters. Is that a no? mmm. Mmm! Mmm! juicy! and seedless. Mmm. my own golf course. Walkies ready? batteries charged? mmm. Mmm. of course. Mmm. mmm. Who's that with joan? mmm? Mmm. mitch garabedian, right? yeah. Eat that motherfucker! mmm? Mmm. and what about the prosecutor? Mmm. oh. He's what we all came into this for. mmm. Yep. mmm. You think this has focused their minds? mmm? Rabbit, salad? mmm. And i'm not talkin' about no... "mmm, this taste like real butter" kind of happy. Mmm... no. no. Come here. mmm. Mmm! goddamn, jimmie! Mmm. so what happened after that? Mmm? Hey, um, dinner. mmm. Mmm. yummy. I'm creative and smart, and i'd make a fucking great mother! oh, god mmm! Mmm. i know. Mmm. mmmmmm. You know why? mmm. Mmm, bye, dad. Oh, my gosh, i missed you so much! mmm. Mmm. journal. Mmm, about twenty minutes. Mmm, dankeschã¶n. Mmm, sure, i fooled around. Mmm. wow. Mmm. say, you... That's disgusting! mmm. Mmm. looks like there's enough for two. Mmm. so, um, you here for the cardinal? Lt's tony. mmm! I haven't slept well for months. mmm. Mmm. but most of the victims, Crummy acronym. mmm. Mmm. very good. For the perfect christmas gift... mmm, and this. Yes. mmm. You do that with this enemy... mmm... and it won't be some border skirmish halfway around the world. Mmm. i met your new editor. Mmm. who the hell is calling on the land line? Mmm. ohh. You got it? mmm. Mmm, interesting. Mmm. i ran track. Hmm? mmm. Mmm. remember, you are not their parent. Okay. mmm. okay. Mmm. thanks, patrick. Mmm, valentino couture? Mmm! can i see the taj mahal? Mmm. you gonna do a little damage control? Mmm. that's not good. Oh! mmm! Oh. mmm. Mmm. what's going on in here? Mmm. please give me the keys. all right, look.