Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Dr. has everything been explained to you? yes, sir.", "Sir, i'd just like to ask a few... sacha pfeiffer, boston globe.", "That's aloe vera, sir. it's a plant."
I think your fundraiser will be a great success, sir. Where are we going, sir? to get reese. Not yet, sir. Sir, i know mr. wayne is curious about how his trust fund gets replenished... but, frankly, this is embarrassing. Thank you. alfred, right? that's right, sir. Sir. commissioner. ... how about one for the front page, sir? mr. dent. I figured, counselor. mr. dent, sir... Sir, they've stopped their engines. Your name, sir? Sir, could you help, please? I'm not sure you made it loud enough, sir. Hey, sir. Sir, the joker card had traces of your dna on it. Well, you do, sir. well, can't afford to know them. Sir? commissioner, do you really think... an ordinary citizen would try to kill this man? I believe this is your plane, sir. Sir, the kidney, i've received… are you sure it's from a dead man? Sir. congressman gilly's wife has been calling in. I don't know, sir. But, sir, please. Sir. Good day, sir. yeah. Honey, can i have that coffee now? yes, sir. Wade. yes, sir? Right away, sir. Inside, sir. he's not political. Now do stop, sir, please. You gonna give me a problem? no, sir, i'm not. Thank you, sir. No, sir. Yes, sir. how'd you guess that? Captain nero! you've been requested on the bridge, sir. Let me explain, sir. please wait. Yes, sir. good afternoon. I'm sorry, mr. gandhi, sir... but you're under arrest. Maneuvering thrusters and impulse engines at your command, sir. My dear sir, india is british. Are you screwing with me, doss? no. no, sir. i volunteered. From the bottom to the top. yes, sir. Lieutenant. hello, sir. Sir... Hey, excuse me, sir. mmmhmm. You need anything? no, sir. Are you here with a mission, sir? Sir, we have more incoming. Sulu, let's go home. yes, sir! That's rather presumptuous, no? it is, sir. So it's true then, sir? "sir" you save for useless people. No sir. Sir, if i may venture an opinion... i'm not interested in your opinion. We are at level, sir. good. Yes, sir. They're ready for you, sir. Go back to your car. yes, sir. Don't patronize me, charles. no, sir, l... Sir, the highend community is a... I'm with reiben on this one, sir. Sir, we have an unauthorized breach. Ready for warp, sir. let's punch it. Sir? now what's the next step of your master plan? Quite so, sir. You, clean this up. yes, sir. come on. Sir, what about them? i mean, there's barely hardly enough... I'm sorry, sir, i think you maybe want to talk to one of the other girls. Cover us. yes, sir. I hope so. thank you for your time, sir. And goat's milk. very good, sir. L'll take your luggage back, sir. no. I should know, sir. Why wasn't i called? nobody was called, sir. Thank you very much, sir. Help! please help us! please! sir! sir! Well, your servant, sir. Copy, sir. Squad, sir? Otto, sir, the new lobby boy. Sir, there's another federation ship! How are you, sir? chris gardner. dean witter. Hello, sir. Style, sir. That's an order. yes, sir. Come this way, sir. Excuse me, sir. where are you going, please? That's not his phone, sir. Want to see my id? no need, sir. Who are you to say otherwise, sir? How can i assist you, sir? But i... corrected them, sir. Fortyseven klingon warbirds destroyed by romulans, sir, and it was reported that the romulans were in one ship, one massive ship. Thank you. thank you, sir. You're tracking him? sir. yeah. That's aloe vera, sir. it's a plant. Sir, i'd just like to ask a few... sacha pfeiffer, boston globe. Dr. has everything been explained to you? yes, sir.